Best Adventure Movies Ever

Best Adventure Movies Ever

What are the best adventure movies ever? You know, those movies that really get you pumped before a trip and inspire you to do things that you’ve dreamed of.

Since the very beginning of film, adventure has been an extremely fascinating and popular genre. At their core, the best adventure movies ever have the ability to fill us with a sense of wonder and detach us from reality, carrying us through an exhilarating journey of thrills and spills that captivates and inspires us. The timelessness of these movies stems from their ability to transport us to a place of physical and emotional wonderment time and time again, and from the global appeal that these types of movies have in all cultures and societies.

In short, adventure movies present us with unlimited possibilities and inspire many travellers to live their own adventure dream. Here is a rundown of the very best adventure movies ever.

10 Best Adventure Movies Ever

#10 127 hours (2010)

Best-Adventure-Movies-Ever A climber and extreme sport athlete named Aron Ralston goes hiking in the Blue John Canyon in Utah. While he tells nobody where he is going and only carries limited provisions with him, he gets his arm jammed under an enormous boulder and becomes trapped. Over the next five days, Aron examines his life while he survives the elements and is forced to make a life-changing decision to free himself from his predicament.

Starring: James Franco | Amber Tamblyn | Kate Mara

#9 Cliffhanger (1993)


A rescue climber who lives a peaceful life in the Rocky Mountains with his partner and friends, experiences tragedy when one of his friends has a fatal accident. In an attempt to rid himself of guilt, Gabe leaves his loved ones behind and quits climbing altogether, starting afresh somewhere new. Sometime later, Gabe intends to return home to rebuild his relationship with his fiancé when his plans are halted as two suitcases containing millions of dollars are accidentally dropped from an aircraft. Thieves will do anything to retrieve the suitcases’ contents and Gabe is forced to face his fears in order to stop them.

Starring: Sylvester Stallone | John Lithgow | Michael Rooker

#8 Cast Away (2000)

Best-Adventure-Movies-Ever Chuck Noland is a FedEx systems engineer who boards a delivery plane going overseas which gets caught in an extreme storm and crashes into the Pacific Ocean. Being the only survivor of the wreckage, Chuck is washed ashore and must learn to survive on a remote island with only a photograph of his girlfriend and some FedEx packages to keep him going. Years pass, and Chuck realises that his chances of ever being rescued are slim-to-none, and so he takes his opportunity to escape the island on a wooden raft that washed up on the beach.

Starring: Tom Hanks | Helen Hunt | Paul Sanchez

#7 Into the Blue (2005)

Best-Adventure-Movies-Ever Sam and Jared are divers and aspiring treasure hunters living in a trailer in the Caribbean. Their lust for adventure sees them exploring a wreck in the shark-infested waters of the Bahamas in an attempt to recover its hidden treasure. What they find is something quite different, and little do they know that dangerous criminals in the area are already searching for it.

If you are into freediving, then you’ll know this is one of the few Hollywood productions out there where freediving has a key role. Little bonus for the freedive lovers among us: definitely watch the movie ‘Le Grand Bleu’ (1988).

Starring: Paul Walker | Jessica Alba | Scott Caan

#6 Yamakasi (2001)

Best-Adventure-Movies-Ever The Yamakasi are a group of Parkour athletes who live in the Banlieue ghetto in France. Having always been law-abiding citizens and a positive influence on the local youth, the Yamakasi are forced to take drastic action to raise 400,000 French Francs in 24 hours to save the life of a child who attempted to imitate them. Roof-to-roof adrenaline pumping and death-defying stunts follow.

Starring: Châu Belle Dinh | Williams Belle | Malik Diouf

#5 Lords of Dogtown (2005)

Best-Adventure-Movies-Ever It’s the seventies, and two seemingly unrelated events are about to change skateboarding forever; the urethane wheel invention and a drought in California. Courtesy of this fortunate synchronisation of events, the Z-Boys are inspired to use their boards with newly acquired wheels to surf the curved walls of empty swimming pools. They create a fast, aggressive style which includes frantic and dangerous stunts that becomes a worldwide sensation and shoots them to super-stardom.

Starring: Heath Ledger | Emile Hirsch | Victor Rasuk

#4 The Beach (2000)

Best-Adventure-Movies-Ever Richard is an American backpacking through Thailand. While exploring Bangkok, he meets a Scotman named Daffy who, shortly before committing suicide, gives him a map of an area of the coast off Thailand which Daffy claims is a tropical, uninhabited paradise. However, when Richard and his friends arrive at the island, they realise that a group of travellers have already settled on the island and are also in the company of an army of natives who are not happy sharing their island with visitors.

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio | Daniel York | Patcharawan Patarakijjanon

#3 Chasing mavericks (2012)

Best-Adventure-Movies-Ever When a 15-year-old boy named Jay Moriarity discovers that the legendary big wave spot “Mavericks” is real, he seeks the help of a local surfer named Frosty to help him learn how to survive them. As Frosty and Jay embark on this seemingly impossible mission, they realise that it is no longer just about the waves, and form a life-changing relationship through surfing.

Chasing Mavericks is based on a true story of the life of Jay Moriarity. Since the classic movie ‘Point Break’ there have been released some good movies to put surfing in the spotlight. In God’s Hands and Blue Crush are some of them, but they just cannot match when it comes to story and acting performance.

Starring: Jonny Weston | Gerard Butler | Elisabeth Shue

#2 Everest (2015)


Everest is based on a true story of the disaster of 1996. A group of climbers made up of two commercial crews embark on a journey to reach the highest peak on planet Earth – Mount Everest. The adventurers face the toughest challenge of their lives as they are forced to endure the harshest conditions imaginable after a freak storm strikes the mountain, making survival a seemingly impossible task.

If you are hooked on movies about Everest, I can recommend you to watch the documentary ‘The Wildest Dream. The film tells the story about the British climber George Mallory who disappeared on Mount Everest in 1924. The film interweaves two stories, one about Geogrge Mallory and one about Conrad Anker who discovered Mallory’s body lying on Everest in 1999.

Starring: Jason Clarke | Ang Phula Sherpa | Thomas M. Wright

#1 Into the Wild (2007)

Best-Adventure-Movies-Ever After graduating from University, Christopher McCandless ditches his belongings and his privileged life to hitchhike to Alaska and live in the wilderness. After giving all of his savings away to charity, Christopher sets out on a journey of self-discovery and searches for the purposefulness and meaning which has been missing in his life. His exploration of the unknown and his pursuit of truth finds him crossing paths with a cast of fascinating characters who will shape his life in profound ways.

This movie is also based on a true story. Director Sean Penn has become an ambassador for searching sustainable happiness by making this movie based on ‘less is more’.

Starring: Emile Hirsch | Vince Vaughn | Catherine Keener

Any additions?

If you have any additions to this list, please do leave them in the comment section below.

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