How To Share My Adventure Dream

  • I can’t seem to share my dream

At the top you’ll most likely see the notification that you haven’t selected an activity or any other required field marked by a small asterix (*).

Click on the button ‘Previous’ under the button ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the form at step 3. Select a location on the map and select at least one activity under Sky, Culture / Art, Earth, Snow or Water. The first activity you select will be saved as your most desired activity.

  • My Destination shows ‘Cape Town’ instead of my preferred destination

There are 2 ways to select a location, for both options go to the map at step 2 of the ‘live your adventure dream’ form:

The easiest way is typing in the text box your desired destination and ‘click to map your destination’. The pin will move to your chosen destination. Cape Town is the default location and this will show under the inspire-me page if you haven’t validated your destination by clicking on the button ‘click to map your destination’.

The second way is by dragging the pin to your destination of choice and drop the pin there. You can drag the pin by click and holding the pin while dragging it to your desired destination. At the top of the map you will see the exact location where you dropped it. (If you’re on mobile, just tab on the pin and drag it). Don’t forget to validate the destination by clicking on the button ‘click to map your destination’

TIP: use the zoom on the map to specify as detailed as possible.

  • How Can I Change my Destination

When you shared your dream but the default location has been published or a destination you want to change, you can change your dream on your profile page when logged in. You can access your profile on the top right of your screen.

Scroll down until you find all your shared dreams. To change your desired destination or any other changeable information, click on the pencil and change the fields you want to change. Click Submit to finalise your changes.

Before your dream will be published again, VIRAL DREAMING will have to review your dream. This might take some time as this is a manual process. Once VIRAL DREAMING accepted the changes you made, it will be shown again on the ‘Inspire-me’ page.

  • Can I choose an event or organisation as a location?

Yes you can as long as the organisation or event is registered on Google maps. I suggest you double check if it is the event or organisation you are looking for by zooming out. Zoom out to see if the location fits the event/organisation you are looking for.
E.g. Tomorrowland will show in Tulsa Oklahoma, but if you want to go to the ‘Tomorrowland Festival’ in Belgium, type ‘Tomorrowland Belgium’

Don’t forget you can specify the organisation, website and location in the description of your adventure dream at step 3.

  • My preferred activity is not on the list

Type your main desired activity in the box under the check list of all activities to specify any other activity. We might add it in the list in a later stage.

  • How do I upload a video on my dream page?

Choose a video on any video platform and copy the URL of this video and paste it in the video text box when you share your dream on Viral Dreaming. Please note that some smaller video platforms might not convert the video properly.

Sharing Multiple Adventure Dreams

  • I can’t share a second dream

Go to the Inspire-me page and look for some dreams you really like. Comment on 2 or more dreams of other members on the bottom of their dream and you’ll unlock unlimited amount of entries automatically.

  • Do I get a new Unique URL and do I have to sign up 5 friends again?

No, your personal URL stays the same.

My Profile

  • How can I add a profile picture?

Log in via the button on the top right of your screen and go to your profile by clicking on ‘Profile’ next to the log in button (also on the top right). You’ll be able to upload a picture of max 2MB.

  • Can I change my adventure dream at any time?

Yes you can change your dream. However not all details of your dream can be changed and all changes needs to be reviewed by VIRAL DREAMING before it gets published. You are able to change:

  1. Title
  2. Destination
  3. Activities
  4. Description
  5. Photo
  6. YouTube video link.

If you want to change anything else we recommend to share another dream and delete the previous one after .

  • I lost my personal URL, where can I check it?

You can check this on your profile page when you are logged in. Scroll down and you can share your personal URL directly on social media or you can send it to your friends by copy pasting it in/on any app or napkin .

Also you can find your personal URL in the email we sent you after you have shared your adventure dream with the Viral Dreaming community.

  • How can I see how many people used my personal URL?

You can check this on your profile page when you are logged in. On the top left you can see how many and who (username) of your friends signed up with your personal URL.

  • Save Dreams of Others in Your Wish list

When you are browsing through dreams on the inspire-me page you can save dreams of others to your wish list. To review your wish list you must go to the bottom of your profile page. Go there via the top right of your screen when logged in.

How to Live Your Dream

  • What Happens When I Get 5 Friends to Sign Up?

When you get 5 friends to share their adventure dream on VIRAL DREAMING as well. Michiel will personally look into your adventure dream to create an group adventure itinerary in consultation with yourself.

Michiel looks for partners and suppliers and checks the feasibility of your dream. The feasibility check is to see if the costs are manageable to make it a bookable package and other variables. Variables could mean certifications of a specific skill or health conditions that could compromise the trip.

  • When Will I Know if VIRAL DREAMING Is Starting to Create an Itinerary Based on My Dream?

Michiel will contact you within a week once you get 5 friends to share their adventure dream too. A set of questions will be asked to make an inventory of your dream and to get aligned with each other.

  • When will Viral Dreaming Plan my Dream trip?

This depends a lot on the adventure dream. Many activities are seasonal for the best experience. VIRAL DREAMING aims to execute the group adventure based on your dream within a year. But keep in mind that VIRAL DREAMING needs the required amount of bookings before a couple of months before the departure date. This depends the booking- and cancellation policies of our suppliers.

  • How Does VIRAL DREAMING Decide How Many Bookings Are Required to Join for Free?

This depends the prices of our suppliers, and the financial risk involved for VIRAL DREAMING regarding the policies of all the suppliers. Generally speaking the group size will be around 12 paying adventurers. Add yourself and Michiel to your dream trip and you get a like-minded group together of 14 adventurers.

  • How Much Time in Advance Do I Need the Required Bookings to Go for Free?

This depends on the cancellation policies of the suppliers. It is difficult to make any statement about a realistic timing as many suppliers apply a widely divergent policy. VIRAL DREAMING aims to have a decision-day less than 4 months prior to the departure date.

D-day is important as this is the moment VIRAL DREAMING needs to confirm how many people will join and needs to make first payments.

After the D-day adventurers interested in your adventure can still book if the suppliers has availability. But this won’t affect the situation of D-day anymore

  • What happens If We Don’t Manage to Have  Required Bookings?

It means you can not join your adventure dream for free. Nonetheless, when people have booked your adventure you will get a discount that matches the difference between the required bookings and the actual amount of bookings.

E.g. When 6 people have booked your adventure but you needed 10 to go for free, you will get 60% discount of the advertised price.

You get as many updates about the number of bookings whenever you want. But on D-day you’ll have to decide if you pay the difference or not.

All bookings after D-day, if any, won’t affect the decision made on D-day anymore.

  • Why Is There an Age Restriction?

One of the core values of Viral Dreaming is ‘limitlessness’. By organising adventures for minors we might restrict ourselves in spite of policies of particular service suppliers, promotional partners or legal matters such as liability.

  • Why Is the Flight Ticket not included?

VIRAL DREAMING is not organising flights for adventurers who book the adventure of your dreams as they might come from any part in the world. Because VIRAL DREAMING is not earning commission on flights, there is no budget to pay for the flight ticket of the dreamer.

Nonetheless, VIRAL DREAMING can give tips to book international flights at the best fares.

What Marketing Tools Do I Get

We give you the following tools to market your adventure dream together with VIRAL DREAMING once you get 5 friends to share their adventure dream as well.

  • The possibility to add more pictures to your dream.
  • Optimise your dream posts for Search Engines with your consent.
  • Add in a form on the bottom of your dream to capture leads who are interested to join in on your adventure
  • Create a bookable adventure product and publish it under the ‘book-it list’ with all information.
  • Make a Facebook Product on @viraldreaming where people can book your dream adventure.
  • Make a Facebook event on @Viraldreaming for marketing purposes (and make you co-host)
  • Post your adventure dream several times on our blog, Social Media & advertisements.
  • Use email marketing to the Viral Dreaming community members that relates to your adventure dream (dependent on activity, destination, comments and wish list)
  • I’ll give you a minimum of 2.000 ZAR marketing budget for sponsored posts via the Viral Dreaming page on Facebook / Instagram.