Windsurfing Mauritius


This is the story of an entrepreneur and windsurfer from Italy who is in pursuit of adventure every minute of every day. Windsurfing Mauritius and Fiji is next on his wish list…

Athlete Profile

Name: Federico Morisio

Nationality: Italian

Age: 22

Sport: Windsurfing

Discipline: Waves

Best Results: 1st Place at the IWT Pacasmayo Wave Classic 2017 | 4th place at the International Windsurfing Tour 2017

Sponsors: NeilPryde | JP-Australia | MFC Hawaii

Who is Federico Morisio?


Windsurfing Mauritius



My name is Federico Morisio, I am 22 years old and I was born and raised in Turin, Italy. My vision in life is to be a professional windsurfer and a man of success who travels the world to ride the best waves possible. To achieve this, I continually push my body and mind to their limits in order to become the very best version of myself, conquering waves, creating awesome and inspiring content, and continuously learn about life as I go.

I have constant urge for learning to get closer to my goals. I get most energy of helping people who are less fortunate as me to do the same; following dreams and passions. Success doesn’t bring happiness, happiness brings success. I translated my goals into travelling continuously around the world to face new adventures.

Work in Progress

My journey began three years ago when I finished high school. With the support of my family, I was able to do what I love every day and challenge myself to reach heights that I never thought possible. Step by step, with the help of my sponsors, I was able to grow my business while living my dream as a windsurfer.

Windsurfing Mauritius

There’s still a long way to go on the business side of things before I can support myself with my online earnings alone. I’m currently earning money from sponsored posts on social media and working with my sponsors on a few different things. I know it will take commitment, sacrifice, and consistency before I can reap the rewards of my hard work and make a regular income while I travel the world.

For me, the law of attraction has been the most significant philosophy I have learnt. By thinking positive or negative thoughts, we attract positive or negative energy into our lives. My advice is to always think positively as these thoughts will bring positive experiences into your life and will lead to good habits which will enable you to reach your goals. Always believe in yourself.

(if you want to learn more about the law of attraction, get the book, or the movie ‘The Secret’.
or get the Audible app to listen to books such as ‘The Secret’ on your phone – your first book is free)

What’s Your Morning Routine?

I wake up early and either hit the gym or exercise outside. I’ll then come home and eat a big breakfast (with lots of coffee!) and I’ll take some time to meditate and think about my vision and projects. After that, start doing editing work, replying to emails and writing to potential sponsors.

What Do You Eat For Breakfast on Training Days?

I drink a protein shake and then cook up some eggs to eat with my avocado. I finish off with a bowl of oats with fruit and yoghurt.

Do You Follow a Specific Diet?

Sort of; I avoid wheat flour products, dairy milk and beef as I find they deplete my energy. I also avoid eating carbohydrates in the evening.

What’s the Best Thing About Travelling?


Windsurfing Mauritius

The best thing about travelling is being able to look back on my journey and to see just how far I’ve come. This gives me enormous motivation to keep pushing on to bigger and better things – there is no limit to what we can achieve!

Why is Windsurfing Mauritius and Fiji on Top of Your Wish List?

Mauritius and Fiji are two of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world and it would be an honour to ride some of the most challenging waves in the world such as Cloudbreak in Fiji and One Eye in Mauritius. These waves are big, fast and heavy – that’s what every wave rider dreams about!

I also want to create awesome and inspiring web content about windsurfing to promote the sport and the lifestyle that goes with it. My aim is to put together a team of windsurfers that would like to travel to different destinations to create good times and epic windsurfing sessions; clear water, awesome reefs, natural waterfalls, and feeling alive in nature. I’d love to experience all of this with a group of people who are just as passionate about my sport as I am… that’s my dream trip!

(Mauritius is also a perfect place for location independent professionals to co-work with like-minded entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Apply for a workation in Mauritius via Viral Dreaming and windsurf, kitesurf or surf every day after work. Or simply learn how to wind- or kitesurf during your stay.)

If You Could Travel to any Location to Try a New Activity, Where Would You Go and What Would it Be?


Windsurfing Mauritius


I could never limit myself to just one trip; I want to travel the world, meet new people and learn new things! I would love to revisit Chile with a few friends and explore the country from North to South to discover its full glory. I’m not sure what we’d do there, but we would immerse ourselves in nature and go on some incredible adventures.

What Are Your Essential Travel Items?


Windsurfing Mauritius


  • My passport haha.
  • Windsurfing gear (obviously)
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Training shoes
  • Good attitude

What Sites Do You Use to Book Flights?


Windsurfing Mauritius


I search for flights on Momondo as they find the cheapest deals.

Where Do You Book Your Accommodation?

I call up friends! Either that or I book on Craigslist.

Do You Use Travel Insurance?

Yes, I always do.

(read the best adventure travel insurance blog post or get a quote for your next trip)

What Are Your Essential Travel Apps?

Spotify, Gmail, Instagram and LinkedIn!

(Find Federico on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook)

What Do You Want to Achieve in 2018?


Windsurfing Mauritius


This year is an important year for me; I’ve broadened my horizons and I am thinking outside the box. I am trying to make the most of every opportunity that gets put in front of me and live every adventure as if it were my last. I’d also like to solidify my brand identity and make my business more profitable.

What’s the Best Piece of Travel Advice You’ve Ever Received?

I’m not sure if it was advice or if I learnt this from my experiences, but always smile; be nice at the check-in counters, be positive when travelling, and remember that unexpected occurrences are just part of travelling – there is always a solution to the problem. Relax, enjoy and learn.

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I am a 22-year-old windsurfer and entrepreneur from Italy. I am a go-getter who has ridden some of the most challenging waves in the world in my pursuit of adventure. I am hoping that windsurfing Mauritius is going to be the next stop along my journey.

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Federico’s Quotes to Live by…

Dream big, work hard and enjoy every moment.

Success doesn’t bring happiness – happiness brings success.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Federico’s Sponsors



MFC Hawaii


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