How To Travel The World And Make Money English Teacher

How to Travel the World and Make Money (Working Abroad)

Whenever people get asked why they don’t travel more, most individuals cite one reason over all others – MONEY. So, what if you could travel the world and make money at the same time? A term we call ‘workation’. Since the publication of Timothy Ferris’ book, The 4-Hour Work Week, more and more people each year have been ditching the 9-5 lifestyle, selling up and living the nomadic lifestyle in amazing locations all over the globe. Knowing how to travel the world and make money gives you the golden knowledge you need to travel indefinitely without worrying about how long you’ve got before your money runs out.

Making money while travelling takes a certain mindset; you’ll need to be bold, creative, opportunistic, and determined… and sometimes you’ll just need to knuckle down and work hard.

Workation – Working while Travelling

Generally speaking, finding employment in the country you’re travelling to takes less groundwork than working online does, providing you have the necessary skills and qualifications in the first place. The skills and qualifications required in your sector will also differ from country to country and even region to region.

While there are plenty of opportunities to make money online while travelling, this post focuses on taking up employment posts abroad.

English Teacher

How-To-Travel-The-World-And-Make-Money Teaching English abroad is one of the most easily-obtainable jobs available to travellers. While some schools will require you to hold a degree and a TEFL certificate, others may just require you to be a native English speaker. Teaching jobs in South Korea and Japan are probably the best-paid teaching posts out there but there are plenty of well-paid teaching jobs all over Asia and the Middle-East. Some companies will even pay for your flights and accommodation.

Of course, it depends where in the world you’d like to travel to but, if you’re a native English speaker, teaching English as a foreign language somewhere in the world is something that almost anyone can do. English teachers abroad certainly know how to travel the world and make money!

Tour Guide


If you’re in a location that you know and love, why not share your knowledge and passion with other travellers while you make a living as a tour guide? Touring visitors around the local area can be great fun and it’s a job that offers a lot of variety. As a tour guide, you’ll often be working freelance; you may decide that you want to work for a tour company that sells tours to paying customers or you may choose to work as an independent local tour guide and advertise your services online.

There are pros and cons to this type of freelance work. On the one hand, you’re able to work your tours around other commitments, but on the other hand, your income is not guaranteed.

Scuba Diving Instructor


Becoming a scuba diving instructor isn’t quite as accessible as something like teaching English as you’ll need to get qualified with a course provider such as PADI beforehand, but it can be an amazing lifestyle once you’re certified. As a scuba diving instructor abroad, you’ll meet new people from all walks of life and enjoy a great social life on your days off. It isn’t all fun and games though; you will often be required to work early mornings and late nights!

The Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) is the entry-level scuba diving certification and, while this may be the standard for some companies, others will require you to hold the Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) which means being certified in 5 different specialisations and to have conducted 25 student certifications. Holding the MSDT course is recommended as it will enhance your employment opportunities.

The cheapest places to get certified are Honduras and Koh Tao in Thailand, the latter being PADI’s number one certification area due to the huge volume of students who get certified there.

Skiing/Snowboarding Instructor (Resort Work)


Ski resorts offer some of the best job opportunities available to travellers who are considering working abroad – and you don’t need to be a pro athlete to find employment. There are many ski resort job roles to consider such as bartender, hotel worker, nanny, and of course, snowboarding or ski instructor. You’ll find job opportunities at resorts all over Europe in places like France, Italy and Austria as well as New Zealand, Canada and Japan.

Each ski resort has a different dynamic, so you’ll need to consider what type of experience you’re looking for when applying to jobs. If you want to work at a relaxed resort with a few social activities to take part in then you may want to seek out a job in Scandinavia, whereas, if you’d like to experience a lively nightlife in your place of residence then resorts in Chamonix, St Anton, Val D’isere or Andorra might be your first choice. Many people working in ski resorts in winter work at the beach in summer on surf or other camps.

In addition to earning money while you travel, you’ll get access to the slopes during your time off and enjoy an excellent social life with an interesting and diverse group of people.

Great White Shark Conservation Volunteer


OK, so you’re never going to get rich by volunteering, but working on a project such as the conservation of Great White sharks in Gansbaai is a life-changing opportunity to make a difference to the world around you while you travel the globe. South Africa is well-known for its abundance of these magnificent and misunderstood creatures that have been hunted to the point where some species are considered endangered.

Your duties as a volunteer will vary from project to project but your training and work may include white shark biology, research, behaviour, conservation, basic seamanship and shark tourism. You’ll enjoy regular trips out at sea to view and cage dive with the Great Whites, and really experience getting up close and personal with these wonderous beings.

Still haven’t decided how to fund your next adventure?

Knowing how to travel the world and make money is an extremely valuable piece of knowledge that anybody can acquire, but most rarely do. The majority of this knowledge is gained from real-life experiences and through trial and error, but you must put your homework in!

If you know that you want to travel the world but you are unsure of how to make money along the way, consider the following;

Where do you want to travel to?

What skills do you have?

What are your talents?

What are you most knowledgeable in?

Make a list of all these things and make links to travel and how that skill or knowledge may generate income -everybody is an expert in something.

Once you’ve considered your options, decide on the one thing you’d like to pursue and, if necessary, gain the appropriate qualifications to set the foundations for your travel. Generally, the more preparation you do before you leave, the longer your journey will last. Oh, and the most important thing is – always choose something you’re passionate about!

While you figure out how to approach your next big adventure, why not start by sharing your adventure dream with us here at Viral Dreaming. We give you the opportunity to live your trip of a lifetime for free! This is a great opportunity to kick-start your travel and hit the ground running!

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