Camping in Mongolia


Other Activities: Camping, Canyoneering/Kloofing, Cross-country running, Dancing, Dream, Hiking, Horse riding, Hunting, Motocross, Mountain biking, Mountaineering, Orienteering, Rock climbing, Survival , Off-road 4x4 Driving, local food, local customs/culture/history/mysticism, spiritual (self-) discovery guided by shamans, challenging oneself on all levels (truest survival)

I dream to cross Mongolia from the Chinese border to the Russian one,
experiencing all types of environments (jungle, desert, mountains, canyons, rivers/lakes, snowy forests) and
doing so by using a multitude of different means of transport (4×4, motorbike, on foot, mountainbike, camel, horse, yak, canoe, dogsledge, …)
assisted by local guides, khazak caravan, cooks, shamans.

This is about challenging oneself, survival and learning.
Not only on the physical level, but on all:
enriching oneself on a human level by exploring a foreign culture and learning,
by revealing and discovering one’s truest identity,
developing the spiritual entity within us (given the help of shamans and guides),
listening to local tales, history, beliefs and mysticism,
grounding oneself and approaching nature, shedding the redundant material world.

it is about experiencing life!

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  1. Hey Brother,
    Talking about an original destination. I practically don’t know anything about Mongolia, their history culture and nature. I think I must do some research as you mention all these different types of scenery. Mongolia is not really exposed in the media that much, I wonder why that is.
    The summary of your motives would fit perfectly in the company values of Viral Dreaming. To experience our true selves by wandering in another world, sharing ideas, views and visions with people we don’t know. It would create a more comprehensive understanding of the world as a whole. Bring us together.
    Thanks for sharing!

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