Canyoning in Alaska


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Since I was very young I’ve always been obsessed with nature and the stars. When I saw Alaska I knew it was the perfect place. It’s always been my dream to also see the Northern Lights and there’s no better place to experience it.
What place in Alaska has the best view of the Northern Lights?

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  1. Woaw, this seems like a fantastic Dream and Adventure! I never thought of combining Alaska and Northern Lights with Canyoneering. Inspirational…

  2. Hi Stef
    Thanks for your wonderful dream, I love the video too. The simple life without worries, only friends, camp fires, fishing etc. What a joll! Love the fact that the northern lights is your main goal to see it. Dogsledding in my opinion is the way to go about it. but it also depends on the season as the Northern lights do occur more when the air temperature doesn’t fall to much under 0°C.

    The city of Fairbanks in Alaska is considered to be the best place to see the Northern Lights. Fairbanks its latitude is below the oval of the lights. 150 miles South of the Arctic Circle. Fairbanks has an international airport and plenty of accommodation and tours.

    Barrow is another cool place as it is the very top of Alaska, 330 miles North from the Arctic Circle. Temperatures are pretty nasty cold though, so be prepared. In Barrow you can also participate in traditional Inupiat games such as dog sledding. Inupiat is the native culture of the Barrow region. Flights to Barrow are offered from Anchorage by Alaska Airlines.


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