Cliff Diving in Italy

Viral Dreaming

Other Activities: Cliff diving, Culinary, Dream, Spearfishing

The Amalfi coast in Italy is famous for its pizza’s, Vespa’s and the colourful houses on high rugged cliffs. There aren’t many coastlines as this as beautiful as the Amalfi coast especially for a cliff jumping. The Mediterranean sea is turquoise, salty and warm to dive into, If I say ‘dive into’ I literally mean ‘diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvve into’. Cliff diving in Italy means countless rocks to jump from of all heights. Some of them hidden in a massive caves that makes the thrill even bigger.

Two places are a must jump if you are cliff diving in Italy: ‘Fiordo di Furore’ and the ‘Green Grotto’ in Capri. The trip could be the best in September, The water is warmer, high season is over which makes it easier to travel along the scenic drive with endless corners.

I would definitely like to dive with legend Orlando Duque to get some tips to perform higher jumps with control. My goal is to ‘gainer’ of cliffs of around 30m with confidence. The highest I’ve jumped before is a straight jump one around 20m.

To finish of I would definitely spend 1 or 2 days spearfishing with the crew. Happiness comes in Salty water
What height would you like jump from? Would love to read it in the comments below.

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  2. It leaves me guessing where you find the inspiration for this one, hahaha. What an awesome trip that was! This trip packs a lot of dreams into 1 for sure.

  3. Fiordo di Furore is an awesome place even just for relaxing after too much ‘vino’ the evening before. Definitely check the ‘Grotta dello Smeraldo’ if you want to escape the hot sun at noon.

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