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Culture at AfrikaBurn is an amazing experience that will blow your mind. AfrikaBurn is a temporary town build in the desert of the Karoo. The border of the Western Cape and the Northern Cape in South Africa. It is created through the citizens of Tankwa Town by a volunteering culture creating art, performances, theme camps, music, mutant vehicles and so much more that you can’t even think of.

AfrikaBurnAfrikaBurn is truly a something close to the values of Viral Dreaming. Although this is not sport, I like to see adventure in the broad sense. Adventure is ‘an unusual or daring experience’ … and AfrikaBurn is definitely Unusual. Stepping into a world of a different dimension, or maybe the same world in the far future from now.

You might see AfrikaBurn as a chance to express yourself without any shame. Everybody is loving, open minded and nothing is for sale (but ice) or even bartered. It’s a gift economy without expecting anything in return. As if human kind evolved into the ideal. In a certain way society can learn a lot from this temporary community and this is why AfrikaBurn is on top of my Bucket list.

If you would go to AfrikaBurn, what would your contribution be to add to this temporary society? I would love to read them in a comment below. We went there with some friends, you can read the story in the blog post here

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