Culture in Madrid, Spain


Other Activities: Ballooning, Camping, Culinary, Culture, Dream, Fitness, Hiking, Music, Paragliding, Photography, Safari, Skydiving

Would love to walk/hike through spain, enjoying the culture, people, music, dance, food and energy. I feel that I have been there in another lifetime and feel unusually drawn to it ever since a little child. Would also truly love to hike The Camino de Santiago

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  1. Hi Lesala
    Love to see you shared a dream. Madrid is a beautiful place and I’ve been there a couple of times to visit my brother who lived there for 5 years or so. If you want to have some inside local information, I can definitely help you out. I also know somebody who walked all the way from France to Santiago de Compostella. Quite a challenge but definitely a life changing experience. Let me know when your dreams are changing into a plan.

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