Culture in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany


Other Activities: Culinary, Culture, Dream, Music, Photography

Culinary – Tasting & cooking local food,capturing & intriguing the locals food
Culture – writing about the experiences & stories of people especially since the country has historic value in the WW1,
Music – sharing how music has shaped my life & how it connects us to be one,
Photography – capturing the different lifestyles & faces of the place, capturing the moments & feelings of restaurants,clubs,museums impact society.

My dream adventure is something which holds high value to me because i believe this will shape my world,this will open up my perspective & opportunities in my life. I highly believe one of our purposes in life is to travel. You must travel to live & learn about our people & how we are all connected, We all have a divine connection in which you & I don’t know or might know 😉 I want to leave a mark in the world even if its where i am at the moment or wherever typing this.

My question for you is:
what is your biggest challenge when traveling?

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  1. Hi Tokes,
    Thanks for your dream and your deeper underlying message!
    I think my biggest challenge when travelling alone is to reach out to the locals especially when you don’t speak the language. Because they know the most beautiful places around and the best things to do. I like the things that are off the beaten track, so the things you won’t find in any tourist guide.

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