Dog sledding Finland (Lapland)

Viral Dreaming

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Our best four-legged friends are the best guides on a dog sledding Finland adventure. Showing us around one of the most pristine areas of the world. Driving your own team of Huskies must be an incredible feeling. Dog sledding Finland is a transportation in style to the second reason of this adventure dream. Indeed … the northern light.

The northern light comes in autumn. From September on the months become darker again but the most magical natural phenomena comes to life.

What else would you need besides this majestic event and some friends to share it with?

Dog Sledding FinlandSnow Village is one of the most special hotel concepts. I’m always keen on trying new things. Snow Village is situated in the Arctic Circle and must be an unique overnight experience. The whole hotel made of ice, of course it is rather fresh, but that is the whole adventure of it. Rooms made of ice and snow, bars, … As if you are sleeping in a castle of the series Vikings.

It must be freezing in the Ice Hotel though, would you go? I would like to read it in a comment below.

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