Dog sledding in Netherlands


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My ultimate dream is to explore Netherland. It’s such a beautiful and green place and i would just love to experience it. I’ve always wanted to see snow and it would be amazing to see that as well.

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  2. Hi There I.West
    Thanks for your dream. As you might know I’m originally from Belgium, next to the Netherlands.
    Europe is nice and pretty big with many different climates. The Netherlands are a cool destination to have a good feel about how Europe is, although it might be cold and wet during the relatively long winter, snow doesn’t occur frequently. Well it’s not really reliable.

    If you are in search for a European experience combined with some dog sledding. I recommend you to go to Lapland. Lapland is a region partly in Sweden and mainly in Finland). Actually this is one of my initial dreams to get Viral Dreaming going. You can read about it here:
    do you like it?

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