Freediving in Naxos and Lesser Cyclades, Greece


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Travelling to Greece is my dream adventure to explore the Naxos island. Having a 65 ft diving experience and underwater photography sounds thrilling! The place looks like it could be paradise with it’s beautiful landscape underwater. I love the ocean and I sometimes think of myself as one of the ocean species 😃

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  1. Hey Michiel
    Thank you, so great that these words resonate with you too 😊 I am definitely getting my hands on this book! And living my dream adventures in the ocean 💙 🌊 The power of water is a beautiful mystery worth exploring.

  2. Hey Aika!
    Loving the words of Alan Watts! What a visionary.
    I can relate to your words: ‘I sometimes think of myself as one of the ocean species’ – please do read the book ‘Blue Mind’ of Wallace J. Nichols . It gives insight why we are more relaxed / happier / and better in what we do when we are in the vicinity of water.

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