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When I´m thinking of my dream I don´t have to spend too many thoughts. I´m always dreaming about to find a place where I can combine my deep passion for kitesurfing with my profession as a digital worker. In Mauritius I can make my dream come true. I would love to meet the guys from CoworKite and join the workation Mauritius. Working and kitesurfing in one of the worlds most popular spots. It couldn´t get any better.

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  1. Hi Pascal,
    This definitely is the next level of pursuing your dream life. I suppose being a digital worker / nomad does have it’s challenges, but I’m sure the reward is even greater if it works out. Do you mainly want to connect with CoworKite for networking purposes with like-minded people or what is your main reason to participate this workation in Mauritius?

    1. Hi Michiel,
      it is both connecting with like-minded people and having the opportunity to use excellent infrastructure like fast WIFI, on-site support and networking. The guys from Coworkite are known for their expertise and quality approach. Would love to make the experience.

      1. Hi Pascal,
        I can relate to that. The networking is not always easy if you focus on an international market but when you’re still a small enterprise (such as myself). Got to start within a niche. Also you can’t take fast WIFI for granted, especially in Africa unfortunately haha.

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