Photography in faroe islands

Thom Benn

Other Activities: Animal encounters, Culinary, Culture, Dream, Photography

Want to step out the zone of comfort into an entirely new place. It will be a great challenge provided as an African it will be interesting to be in that remote space but want to learn as much and photograph as much too.

No question for now, thank you for the opportunity.

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  1. Yes it is a rough place, especially when it some to their whaling festival! I would yet say I am professional at 27 but self-thought as it is a passion I quit the 9-5 for. It is a pleasure to share.
    Are you a pro? based in SA?

    1. Hi Thom
      ah a whaling festival… The first dream I uploaded as an example is to go freediving with humpbacks in the kingdom of tonga. must be insane.
      I’m about to change the concept of Viral Dreaming a bit. I’m based in Cape Town yes. To get more traction and make the concept better I’m thinking to narrow down to organise an experience here. So gathering Cape Town dreams.
      I’ll keep you posted when I changed it.
      I’m a professional in tourism yes. Viral Dreaming is actually my dream but it requires time.

  2. Hi Thom,
    The Faroe Islands are pretty rough but boy, it must be a crazy experience and too much to discover.
    Are you a professional photographer?
    Thanks for the video as well, this guy has some drone flying skills haha.

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