1. Hi Michiel ,
    Mr Brights is an English guy who has been running a surfschool since 8 years or so http://www.mrbrights.com/
    On his website you will find all the information on surfspots and about the surfculture in Ghana.
    I choose Ghana because it’s one of the safest in Africa.

    1. Yo Tim and Sarah

      Ah great, pretty decent info.
      I looked up how much it costs to live there, it’s cheap but not super cheap. But I guess from the moment you are out of town everything becomes a lot more cheaper.

  2. Yo Tim
    I have been wondering many times what was on the west coast of africa when it comes to surfing. The clip you posted is an inspiration to break down some boundries and ideas we might have of the area. I think Ghana wasn’t featured in this video though.
    Do you know more about the Ghanees surf and surf spots? And why would you prefer that over the other countries besides the humorous, dancing population 😀 haha

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