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Surfing in Cape Town, South Africa

Khanyi M

Other Activities: Dream, Surfing

Hello 🙂 My name is Khanyi. I’m 29 and live in Pretoria. I’m a Personal Assistant, Writer and Blogger and I read about Viral Dreaming in a flight recently and was intrigued. Kudos! This is great! I am looking for an opportunity to work abroad (or Cape Town) in tech/ media/ marketing to develop fresh, exciting, innovative ideas 🙂 I’m not sure how this works but I am willing to work to make any costs I can’t manage. Also, hoping this will be on the coast so I can live out my dream of being a surfer girl! I’m actually planning a trip to go surfing in Sydney around April but don’t know anyone there as far as connecting workwise. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing more about Viral Dreaming.

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