Windsurfing in Western Australia


Other Activities: Dream, Snorkeling, Surfing, Windsurfing , camping under the stars, braaing in barbieland, staring into the distance, playing chicken with the kangooroos, digging the car out of the sand, not showering for a week

Waking up to the sound of a rumble in the distance, walking down to take a leak and seeing lines (not from standing up too soon and lack of blood pressure but actual lines on the horizon), half white half blue: perfect waves, 4-5 in a set and seemingly running for a mile into the bay a few kilometers away. The anticipation that today is going to be a good day on the water. Having been infinitely spoilt by amazing windsurfing conditions in the years leading up to this moment, but feeling excited like a kid sprinting up a dune. That’s Gnaraloo… those that have been there know, they know words cannot convey what it’s like. But they want to take their best friends, off the grid, on a road trip to the loo. Toedeloe!

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  1. Hi Roald
    Windsurfing in Gnaraloo i’s for sure not a trip for the faint hearted. How well did you describe the feeling in Gnaraloo haha. A complete absence of complexity but once submerging in the ocean it opens up a whole new world. Not surprised they call it heaven on/in the water but hell on earth. Windsurfing all day every day.

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