International Travelling Tips - Best Ted Talks

International Travelling Tips – Most Inspirational Ted Talks

In this post, we’re going to give you a run-down of some of the most amazingly inspirational Ted Talks that have ever taken place at the media organisation’s conferences. The international travelling tips you’re about to witness are absolute gold and delivered by people who have lived and breathed travel in its rawest and most truthful form.

International Travelling Tips - Most Inspirational Ted TalksFrom extreme lifestyle experiments to sailing around world, these travellers, bloggers and entrepreneurs have done it all and continue to set the bar higher with every adventure they undertake. Literally, if this post doesn’t give you wanderlust, nothing will!

So here we go, grab a coffee and get prepared to be blown away by acts of bravery, determination and the pure lust for adventure. Here are some of the best international travelling tips you’ll ever hear.

Dame Ellen MacArthur | The Surprising Thing I Learned Sailing Solo Around the World


Dame Ellen MacArthur, DBE is a solo long-distance yachtswoman from Derbyshire in the UK. On the 7th of February 2005, Ellen circumnavigated the globe, breaking a world record and becoming an internationally acclaimed sailor in the process. In Ellen’s Ted Talk from 2015, she shares several international travelling tips and talks about the lessons she learnt from sailing around in record-quick time and gives her insight into the way she perceives the world to operate; as a place of interlinking and finite resources where our choices of today seriously affect what we leave behind.

Kitra Cahana | A glimpse of life on the road


Kitra Cahana is a photographer and videographer from Miami Beach, Florida. As a child, Kitra fantasised about leaving home and living life on the road – the way she thought life should be lived. Now an adult and a self-professed nomadic traveller, she documents the lives of other modern-day vagabonds in the places they call home which include bus stops, boxcars and parking lots, providing us with some amazing international travelling tips by giving us a sneak peek into an extraordinary culture.

Joe Gebbia | How Airbnb Designs For Trust


Joe Gebbia is an internet entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. He is one of the creators of Airbnb and has since been named in BusinessWeek’s Top 20 Young Tech Entrepreneurs and Inc. Magazine’s Thirty Under Thirty list. Joe based the concept of Airbnb on trust – the belief that individuals could trust one another to stay in each other’s homes – and  states that he overcame the bias relating to this via good design. After 123 million nights stayed on Airbnb, Joe lays out his ambition for creating a culture of community sharing whereby design aids the fostering of societal connection rather than estrangement and segregation.

Pico Iyer | The Art of Stillness


Pico Iyer is a novelist born in Oxford, England. Best known for his writing within the travel genre, Pico is the author of several books on bridging cultures including two of his most popular works, The Lady and the Monk and The Global Soul. In his Ted Talk from 2014 Pico shares his most pertinent international travelling tips by describing the destination he would most like to travel to – nowhere. Pico explains that, in a life of continual motion and distraction, he proposes an approach that everybody can take to reclaim a few precious minutes from every day which add up to a few days out of each season. This Ted Talk is gold for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the demanding nature of the world we live in.

Andrew Evans | Open Road, Open Life


Andrew Evans is a writer, traveller and TV host from the United States. He holds degrees from Brigham Young University and Oxford University, and is a regular contributor National Geographic Traveller. In his Ted Talk, Open Road, open Life, Andrew talks about his astonishing overland excursion from Washington DC to South America as he attempted to arrive at his dream location – Antarctica. Experiencing danger and unpredictability, Andrew lived the true meaning of travel which, as he states in his talk, he would not have experienced had he taken the tourist route. The takeaway point from his talk is simple; travel more, plan less.

Colin Wright | Extreme Lifestyle Experiments


Colin Wright is a minimalist, author and international speaker originally from Northern California but growing up in Central Missouri. He is a blogger who has been travelling full-time since 2009 and relocates every 4 months based on votes of his followers, setting up new businesses along the way and taking care of his existing ones as he goes. In addition to this, he performs what he calls, ‘extreme lifestyle experiments’ such as going completely paperless or abstaining from wearing the colour black for 6 months to demonstrate what is possible and to motivate and inspire others to make beneficial adjustments in their daily routines.

Rick Steves | The Value of Travel


Rick Steves is a travel writer and author who hosts a travel series on PBS called, Rick Steve’s Europe. After living out of a suitcase for 4 months out of every year for the last 30, Rick Steves explains what he believes to be real value of purposeful travel, sharing international travel tips from his journeys across the globe. He goes on to say why he thinks that spending precious commodities like money and time away from home has expanded his perspective and changed his life for the better, stating that, “Fear is for people who don’t get out very much”.

Robin Esrock | Learn To Travel – Travel To Learn


Robin Esrock is an adventure travel writer and TV personality from Johannesburg, South Africa. His success as a renowned traveller and international star all started, quite literally, by accident upon which he gained a new perspective and the motivation to follow his dreams. Robin was hit by a car whilst on his bike in Vancouver and suffered a broken kneecap for which he was awarded $20,000 in compensation a year later. With that money, he quit his job and left for a round-the-world adventure to 24 countries, naming his trip Modern Gonzo and recording the events of his travels online, providing readers with a vast array of international travelling tips.

International Travelling Tips

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