South Pacific Island Hopping

Jalou Langeree – Kitesurfing – South Pacific Island Hopping

Since the beginning of Kitesurfing, Jalou Langeree has dominated the sport in the woman’s division. With her unlimited positivism Jalou overcame many struggles to live a nomadic lifestyle while kitesurfing. Jalou is an inspiration for many women in the sport by showing us that girls shred waves too. I asked Jalou what her number one bucket list adventure is. As authentic a waterwoman can be, her answer is a South Pacific island hopping trip.

Since I first met Jalou many years ago she has been on a mission in her own style to get as much out of life as possible. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic to show you the adventure dream of a world champion, expert traveller and a friend with whom I shared turquoise waves with.

Nationality: Dutch
Date of Birth: 27 April 1990
Sport: Kitesurfing
Discipline: Wave riding
Best: World Champion 2012 & 2015
Sponsors: Naish // MYSTIC

South Pacific Island Hopping


What Jalou Loves about Travelling the World

If you think about people who live life to the fullest, Jalou is definitely one of them. But what does Jalou likes the most about travelling the world.

South Pacific Island Hopping

‘I’m used to being on the road. I started competing kitesurfing on a young age of 14. Even before competing my parents would take us to windy destination in every single school holiday. Kitesurfing has brought me to so many unique places. For example Hawaii, Australia, Brazil, even China and many more.

The thing I love about travelling is to discover unexplored places, meet a wide diversity of people from all kinds of cultures and kitesurf those empty breaks with just a couple of my friends. I feel lucky that I can maintain this lifestyle with other projects besides kitesurfing as well.’

South Pacific Island Hopping with Jalou

All this kitesurf related travelling makes Jalou an expert about world class kitesurf spots around the globe. Some obvious and some less obvious. I can imagine that riding so many places opens up so many more ideas and dreams to seek Walhalla.

South Pacific island hopping – Tahiti // Micronesia // Fiji // Moorea

South Pacific Island Hopping
‘Yes it sure does. Competing so many years connects you to many people in the industry, all with their own stories and experiences. We are from all corners of the world with our own perception of what our Walhalla really is. We influence each other, but we have our own ultimate bucket list adventure.

It’s all far away from home but the most difficult to reach destinations are most of the times the most rewarding. Once I got to see Tahiti for a photoshoot for one of my sponsors. It was insanely beautiful but unfortunately the visit was really short. Tahiti kept me curious. The other locations I only saw in video’s, so they kept me dreaming. My adventure dream trip is definitely sailing between these tropical islands. Green mountains, white beaches, crystal clear water. Living simply, catching your own meal by spearfishing, camping on the front deck underneath an abundance of stars.

I love to promote the sport and connect locals to kitesurfing, We do so by visiting a local school and inviting the kids to the beach and let them play on with trainer kites. I enjoy passing on my passion. We will go kite, surf and  SUP when the conditions are suitable, if not we cruise, swim with the dolphins, make camp fires on the beach. I like to hike up mountains, jump from waterfalls and hang out with the local community. There is no purpose in doing the same thing all the time.

No plan, live day by day, follow the wind and enjoy the beautiful scenery.’

South Pacific Island Hopping



If Jalou Would Do Something Different

Travelling for kitesurfing is super fun, but I can imagine that you look forward to different types of travelling, experiencing new things. Where would you go to and what would you do there?

‘I always stay close to the ocean so it will be surfing. Sometimes Roderick and I jump in my car and mission it down to France or Spain. I’ve been travelling a lot outside of Europe and I’m in a stage now that I’m dreaming about going to Portugal and explore the South Westernmost country of Europe. Portugal still has a rugged coastline with many pristine places to discover as there are endless beaches and high quality surf spots.’

‘Roderick and I travel a lot together and try to combine our projects. I have a vlog of our adventures and sometimes shoot footage for music videos. This is one of the ways to make this lifestyle possible.’

South Pacific Island Hopping

What Jalou Packs in Her Travel Bags

Travelling with much sports gear is always a bit of a hassle. Searching for baggage policies, overweight, paying high fees, hoping everything arrives. What Can’t you miss on your trips?

We should change the question into; ‘What don’t I bring?’

I pack my life in 3 bags:

  • An electronic bag (laptop, hard drive and other important stuff).
  • Bag for clothing and wetsuits.
  • A board bag which fits 3 boards, 6 kites, harness, bar and a normal surfboard. 

I miss bringing my bike when travelling. As a true ‘Dutchy’s main transport is a bicycle. 

South Pacific Island Hopping

Jalou Langeree’s South Pacific ISland Hopping Dream

‘Hey Guys, I’m Jalou born and raised in the Netherlands. I’ve been kitesurfing for over 15 years. I’ve always followed my passion which became my job. I never had the intention to become a professional kitesurfer but I couldn’t have wished for anything better. Doing what you love is what really counts.

We would really love to read your thoughts on Jalou’s dreams and prospects. You can comment below or look Jalou up on the inspire-me page and filter on ‘Jalou’. View her entry. Also feel free to share your adventure dream here. You might even live your adventure dream for free. A once in a lifetime trip with like-minded people hosted by Viral Dreaming.

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