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Working From Mauritius on a Workation Will Make Your Business Thrive

If you’re a location-independent professional who enjoys living the beach life while you work, we have a unique opportunity for you. Workations are becoming more popular every year. Travelling to and working from Mauritius on your own terms but with a community of like-minded professionals will push your business and life in the right direction.

Working from Mauritius in the framework of a Workation is designed for participants on the program to work hard and play even harder. We have partnered with CoworKite to bring you a great value trip that allows you to enjoy the blissful beach lifestyle while you surf, windsurf or kitesurf in the paradisaical waters of Le Morne in Mauritius. While you network and learn from other entrepreneurs, digitial nomads or location independent professionals how they broke trough some bottlenecks.  When you are working from Mauritius on this workation, your local host, an entrepreneur and kitesurfer, will guide you to the best kitesurfing spots and connect you to other entrepreneurs from the local tech and start-up scene. Your local host will also show you the best places to dine and experience the local culture at its very best.

Working from Mauritius - kitesurfing

The next Mauritius Workation is running from the 30th of June up until the 1st of September and you can join us from 1 week to 9 weeks to suit your schedule. Places on this trip are limited so feel free to visit our application page to book your place on the trip.

If you’re a wind, water and outdoor sport enthusiast who enjoys working remotely in a super-productive environment, read on…

What Makes The Mauritius Workation Unique?

Working from Mauritius


The Mauritius Workation has several advantages over a traditional vacation.

Firstly, you won’t need to worry about finding suitable accommodation or other itineraries as these will be taken care of so, you can focus on working from Mauritius, playing, and connecting other like-minded people.

Secondly, you are guaranteed a strong internet connection that allows you to seamlessly integrate yourself into the local area while taking care of business as usual.

And last, but not least, this workation is full of other location-independent professionals who you can learn from and go on adventures with in your spare time. As you know, business with potential partners is done while having fun.

Places on this program are limited – The Mauritius workation is strictly limited to 20 participants to ensure a community feel and a great working environment for all attendees.

Your local host walks the walk – Your host is an entrepreneur and a kitesurfer who will show you the ropes, making sure you’re connecting you with the right people and getting the most from the local area.

The community manager also walks the walk – The community manager organises activities such as weekly workshops, presentations, meetups and an entrepreneurs barbecue.

Live the beach life – You and your Mauritius workation co-workers will be staying in apartments located a short walk from the beach, giving you a taste of the beach life each and every day.

Outdoor activities in abundance – You have the option of injecting some adrenaline into your trip with a huge range of watersports for beginners and pros alike.

Create your own adventure – No activity is compulsory. Simply pick and choose the activities that work for you.

A package for everyone – You can select from a range of packages ranging from one-week up to three-month stays, with or without accommodation.

In addition to these attractive benefits, you’ll have the opportunity to attend exclusive workshops on how to successfully reduce taxation on your global earnings and reap the rewards of working abroad. These workshops provide tremendous value in the long-run which save you thousands of hard-earned cash.

Why Working From Mauritius?

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Reduce Taxation on Global Earnings

Reasons for working from Mauritius are plentiful. Working from Mauritius can also benefit your business. The remote work program will teach you how to setup a low-cost, legally tax efficient entity or an offshore company in Mauritius. These are special workshops for participants who want to reduce their taxation over their global earnings.

If you are not yet a location independent professional but you want to become one, don’t hesitate to start learning to work online via Wealthy Affiliates. It is not as difficult as you think. Wealthy Affiliates is the biggest community driven platform to teach you step by step how to become location and financially independent. The membership is free to check it out and to start. Why not learning and working from Mauritius together with 2 inspiring communities as CoworKite and Wealthy Affiliates.

About Mauritius

Mauritius is an island nation located just off the southeast coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean and has a population of around 1.2 million people. Its stability and racial harmony amid a diverse population is extremely appealing to location-independent professionals looking to set up base in an exciting new destination. Working from Mauritius is catching the eye of more and more location-independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads who are taking advantage a fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem set on a beautiful tropical island.


Working from Mauritius on this workation really does have everything a location-independent professional will ever need; mild tropical climate year-round, reasonable living costs, good internet access, and helping you get acquainted with other entrepreneurs in the area and to become familiar with the local start-up scene. Moreover, there is only a very slight time-difference between Mauritius and most European countries which makes it easy to communicate with clients and business partners abroad.


Working from Mauritius - surf

As well as being a great location to work from, Mauritius is also a great location for making the most of your time off with almost 200 activities and attractions waiting to be discovered; surfing, kitesurfing, diving, snorkelling, kayaking, canyoning, and many more… Mauritius has it all. In terms of what it can offer location-independent professionals, Mauritius is right up there with other popular digital nomad destinations such as Malta and Bali.

The Mauritius Workation in a Nutshell

You’ll get a private room in a co-living apartment and a permanent desk in the co-working office with fiber optic including free use of the meeting room. All weekly network events, business presentations, entrepreneur braai (like a barbecue but better!), and all workshops on how to reduce taxation on global earnings can all be included in your package. You’ll also get access to weekly kitesurfing events such as Riding Clinic and Down Winders where pro riders often attend.

On top of this, you’ll be surrounded by ambitious and hard-working entrepreneurs, digital nomads and other location-independent professionals in an environment that is conducive to getting things done and making the most of your down-time. Communities like this are often where lifelong business relationships are built and collaborations between professionals emerge. Trips of this nature can prove invaluable for future entrepreneurial opportunities as well as personal and professional growth.

If you’re ready to open the door to a tropical paradise and take your work to the next level then the Mauritius Workation may be a great opportunity for you to do so. For further details on package options, accommodation, pricing, and how to secure your spot on the next trip, please fill out the form on our application page.


Working from Mauritius - learning how to windsurf Working from Mauritius - windsurf

From zero to hero while working in Mauritius on a workation.

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