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‘Everything that exists, is because somebody dreamt it first’


Viral Dreaming strives for personal sustainability. We want people to live a more fulfilling lifestyle by making them conscious about living in the present, connecting them with like-minded people and by facilitating them to live their dreams in an adventurous way. New experiences are exciting and can contribute to better life quality, so people can become happier and healthier human beings.

‘When ‘I’ is changed into ‘we’, even illness becomes wellness’


We all come from a certain world with certain aspirations and knowledge. But this could limit us to taste the different fruits of life. Uniting different worlds can open so many opportunities. Via the Viral Dreaming community, we want everybody to have access to all dreams, to make ‘dreaming’ truly limitless. Visualisation is the beginning of something great. Often the hardest part is taking these first steps in the right direction and Viral Dreaming wants to help you with that.


Hi adventurous friend,

I am Michiel, I founded Viral Dreaming not too long ago. As I believe we are all architects of our own life and that creativity can solve all problems, I started something I thought I would never do to gain more life quality … a company.

I have always been drawn to (adventure) sports, to experience that flow all day, every day. In Belgium, where I come from, there isn’t enough abundance to do what I love. I tried combining work and travel to solve this first world problem, but this wasn’t sustainable, balanced, or simply ‘enough’. Eventually, I sold the few things I had and moved to Africa, the cradle of adventure.

‘Everything you ever wanted is at the other side of fear’


Every decision you make in your life is related to a certain risk. The older I get, the more I look at fear as an opportunity to experience life to the fullest and to become free. Constantly experiencing life and gaining knowledge is the best way to overcome fear, and ultimately to get closer to your full potential. Self-confidence is in my believe ultimate freedom. Do not hesitate to challenge yourself because often we fear most what we desire the most. Remember that one single success overshadows all prior failures.

If you want to read more about how Viral Dreaming started, you can read this blog post. I welcome you to the Viral Dreaming community and I hope we can venture one of your adventure dreams together!


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