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Kitesurfer Roderick Pijls Dreams of Snowboarding in Patagonia

Meet Roderick Pijls, a professional kitesurfer who is travelling the world doing what he loves and creating epic video content as he goes. As an athlete Roderick is constantly on the move to train and compete for his sport, but he dreams of snowboarding in Patagonia to mix up his travelling style a bit.

Athlete Profile

Name: Roderick Pijls

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 26

Sport: Kitesurfing

Discipline: Freestyle & Wave

Best results: Top 10 Freestyle World Tour | Top 12 Wave World Tour

Sponsors: Protest Sportswear | Peter Lynn Kiteboarding | AppleTree kiteboards | Lieuwe

Who Is Roderick Pijls?

Hi, my name is Roderick Pijls. I was inspired to start kitesurfing approximately 8 years ago when I saw a sky full of coloured kites and I just knew I had to give it a go. The first time I stepped foot on a board I was instantly addicted and have been ever since…

I previously played field hockey for the Dutch national team and combined high school with my hockey training; that was before I discovered kitesurfing. During the first three years of my training in kitesurfing I was studying in business administration at university, but after I graduated I decided to pursue kitesurfing on a full-time basis and make a living from my passion.

The freedom that kitesurfing gives me is like nothing else I have ever experienced. There is nobody telling me what to do or what time I should do this or that – I get to make my own rules. The excitement and adrenaline rush I get from my sport becomes more and more intense each time I participate, riding the thin line between landing or crashing a trick on a daily basis. I can see now that field hockey and kitesurfing are in stark contrast!

What Is Your Morning Routine?

I like to wake up nice and early to make the most of the day. I make the best breakfast EVER and then jump into my sports outfit, bike to the CrossFit box and train for 90 minutes. If the conditions allow it, I’ll then go to the beach for some kitesurfing.

What’s This AMAZING Breakfast You Speak Of?!

I eat this every day;

  • Soaked oats (best to do it overnight with almond milk – so good!) with;
    • Banana
    • Apple
    • Almonds or walnuts
    • Dates
    • Cinnamon
    • Yoghurt

Try it, it’s the best!

How Do You Fit Your Training in Around Your Work and Social Life?

Luckily, my training is my work so that’s the easiest part haha. Training around my personal commitments can sometimes become an issue as there’s always a chance I’ll skip or reschedule them in favour of training if the conditions are ideal. My friends and family aren’t too happy when I do this but I cannot pass up the opportunity to train when the conditions are favourable as this may only happen once a month. Fortunately for me, they are very understanding.

Before I was a professional Kitesurfer I attended university but there were very few mandatory classes so I would travel and train for two months and then cram for one month in the library for my exams!

What Are the Best Things About Being on the Road?

I love travelling to beautiful destinations and meeting new people with different perspectives on life than my own. I always find that travelling brings me face-to-face with new challenges for me to overcome, and I’m constantly learning whilst I venture into the unknown. Every now and again I wonder why I put myself in uncomfortable situations that test and stretch my boundaries, but then I have an amazing session and remember why I do this. It’s not just about arriving at the destination; it’s also about the road travelled. It’s all worthwhile!

Are There any Less Obvious Destinations that You Would Like to Explore?

Alaska would be an amazing place to visit as it is so vast and there are so many destinations within it to be explored by travellers. It’s a very different environment than I am familiar with so this is probably at the top of my list of new destinations to travel to right now. I am also very inspired by French Polynesia as it seems to have a magic about it that I would like to experience in person. It appears so green and pure in comparison to other places I’ve travelled to and the waves and conditions in that part of the world are something different… and very powerful!

Oh, and Oahu! Oahu is part of the Hawaiian island chain and is another paradise I’d love to visit one day.

My next definite destination is Mauritius which I am super-excited for. Mauritius is a paradise for watersport fanatics of any kind and even for professionals who love kiting.

Viral Dreaming: Mauritius has become has become a hugely popular destination for workations due to its incredible beauty and good infrastructure. A Mauritius workation basically enables you to live the beach lifestyle while increasing work productivity and getting connected with like-minded people. In addition to that, it’s pretty much a tax haven.

If You Were to Travel to Another Place to Try a New Sport, Where Would You Go and What Would You Do?

Snowboarding in Patagonia. I saw a movie once and it opened my eyes to this very raw and natural land.

What Do You Pack in Your Backpack?

  • All my gear;
    • 5-7 kites
    • 2 boards
    • 2 bars
    • 2 wetsuits
    • Fins
    • Harness
  • GoPro
  • Sony a6300
  • Laptops
  • Books

I love taking photos of the places I go. I think it’s important to be able to look back through old photos and relive the experience all over again.

Oh yeah, and my training shoes… I cannot leave home without my training shoes! If the conditions are poor then at least I can run or go to the gym.

Which Sites do You Use to Book Your Flights?

Skyscanner or Momondo

How Do You Book Your Accommodation?

Normally, my accommodation is booked for me. If this isn’t the case then I’ll either crash with friends who live in the area or check Airbnb.

What Are Your Essential Travel Apps?

NOS (I like to read the news when I’m travelling)

GoPro (to quickly have a look at the footage I’ve shot)

WhatsApp (to stay in touch with friends and family)

Notes (I always write down all my thoughts/ ideas and things to do with this app).



What Travel Movies Get You Pumped?

I never really watch movies but I do listen to music to get me pumped! I have a couple of songs that I listen to while I envision my next adventure.

What’s the Best Piece of Travel Advice You’ve Ever Received?

Enjoy the moment. Always try to turn problems into opportunities and keep thinking outside the box.

What Are Your Prospects for 2018?

I am aiming for a good result in the Wave Tour. I enjoy competing at the highest possible level to continuously raise the bar and keep me motivated by riding with inspiring and talented riders.

I’m also looking forward to producing some amazing video content.

RODERICK Pijls: Snowboarding in Patagonia

Roderick Pijls is an adrenaline junkie and professional kitesurfer from the Netherlands. He captures epic moments on camera and shares them on his YouTube channel and social media profiles. check out some of his videos (see underneath). Hopefully we’ll be seeing soon some video’s of him snowboarding in Patagonia

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