Top 10 Extreme Sports List - BASE Jumping

Top 10 Extreme Sports List – What’s Popular Right Now

Also known as aggro sport, action sport and adventure sport, extreme sport is a term used to describe sports that require considerable skill and physical ability while posing the very real risk of physical harm. The competitors and practitioners in these sports live for the adrenaline rush and are not content with training or competing in regular sports that don’t set their pulses racing. Here is our top 10 extreme sports list of 2018.

Top 10 Extreme Sports List

10. BMX Racing

Top 10 Extreme Sports List - BMX Racing

To kick off our top 10 extreme sports list, we’re listing a sport that has been around for a while now and is becoming increasingly popular year-on-year – BMX racing.

Bycicle MotoCross or BMX first came about in the 1970s and originated from motocross racing. It is currently one of the most popular cycling sports where racers perform on purpose-built tracks, making use of gravity by finding the right lines to generate speed.

BMX became an Olympic sport in 2008 and is popular with men and women aged 19-40, and is particularly popular in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands, Japan and the United States.

9. Highlining

Top 10 Extreme Sports List - Highlining

Highlining is a form of slacklining where participants walk across a suspended stretch of webbing at elevation or water which is attached to an anchor at either end. Highlining is widely considered to be the greatest version of the sport due to the increased risk involved in balancing at such great heights, often with unpredictable wind.

Although highliners wear climbing harnesses with a length attached to the line to ensure their safety, it takes a gutsy individual to take part in this sport.

8. Sky Surfing

Top 10 Extreme Sports List - Sky Surfing

Sky surfing comes in at number 8 on our top 10 extreme sports list. It is a form of skydiving where the participant attaches a board to his/her feet and performs acrobatics as they freefall. These boards look similar to snowboards or large skateboards and the foot attachment is detachable so it can be discarded in the event of an emergency.

When the basics of sky surfing have been learnt and the individual is able to stand upright and control the board, they can then move onto more extravagant techniques such as loops, rolls and helicopter spins.

7. Volcano Surfing

Top 10 Extreme Sports List - Volcano Surfing

Volcano surfing is an extreme sport where participants hike up the side of a volcano slide back down by either sitting, standing, or lying on a thin plywood or metal board. National Geographic Channel journalist and traveller Zoltan Istvan was the first to put volcano surfing into practice after visiting Mount Yasur in Vanuatu in 2002 and created a short news segment about his activities.

Although participants wear protective gear such as jump suits and goggles, there is still a very real danger of getting cut, breathing in poisonous volcanic gases, or being struck by molten lava.

6. Parkour

Top 10 Extreme Sports List - Parkour (Freerunning)

Parkour is an extreme sport that was established from military obstacle training and involves the participant making their way from Point A to Point B in the fastest way possible, manoeuvring over complex obstacles in any way necessary. These routes often require the participant to run, climb, swing, vault, jump, role, crawl, and perform any other movement that allows them to pass through the obstacle.

Although parkour is normally practiced in urban environments, it can be performed just about anywhere; it just requires seeing our surroundings from a new perspective and inventing new ways of manoeuvring around everyday obstacles.

5. Ice Climbing

Top 10 Extreme Sports List - Ice Climbing

When rock climbing isn’t enough, there’s ice climbing.

Ice climbing is essentially the roped scaling of ice formations such as cliffs, icefalls, frozen waterfalls and ice-covered rock slabs. It is an extreme sport that evolved from rock climbing and other similar activities due to the fact that rock climbers were required to navigate icy areas of rock or mountain. To do this, they developed a range of specialised tools to enable them to conquer these tricky parts of the climb. Eventually, climbers began to deliberately seek out climbs that were strictly ice, and so ice climbing was born.

4. Wingsuit Flying

Top 10 Extreme Sports List - Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit flying is a skydiving discipline where participants wear a wingsuit to literally fly through the air. The suit is made up of two arm wings and a leg wing adds surface area the wearer’s body to facilitate an increase in lift, allowing them to fly horizontally at a slow descent rate.

Using their body to manipulate direction, lift and speed, participants can slow down his/her descent to as little as 40km/h which is approximately 80% the descent rate of a regular skydive. However, in doing this, their horizontal speed can increase to 355km/h. The wingsuit flight is ended when the participant deploys his/her parachute.

3. Free Solo Climbing

Top 10 Extreme Sports List - Free Solo Climbing

Also known as free soloing, free solo climbing is a type of free-climbing where the climber scales a sheer cliff alone and with no safety equipment whatsoever. In contrast to other climbing activities such as bouldering, free soloists typically climb above safe heights where a fall would end in serious injury or death. Many participants of this sport state that it is preferred to other similar sports due to the speed that the rock can be climbed and the supreme concentration that is required to succeed in these climbs.

Several high-profile free soloists have died attempting challenging climbs.

2. Base Jumping

Top 10 Extreme Sports List - BASE Jumping

We couldn’t write a top 10 extreme sports list without including this.

Taking its name from an acronym for the four types of fixed objects that these participants leap from, BASE jumping is an adventure sport in which a parachute or wingsuit is worn to leap off buildings, antennas, spans (referring to bridges), and the Earth. BASE jumping is considered much more dangerous than skydiving due to the low altitudes that participants jump from and is banned in some locations in the United States.

Just to give you an idea of the extreme nature of this sport, if a BASE jumper jumps from a height of 150 metres, they are roughly 5.6 seconds from hitting the ground.

1. Creeking

Top 10 Extreme Sports List - Creeking

Taking the #1 spot on our top 10 extreme sports list is a sport that is essentially an extension of kayaking and canoeing that requires the participant to descend into steep low-volume white-water.

Creeking – also known as creek-boating or steep-creeking – makes use of a specialised canoe or kayak designed to endure the extreme white-water environments that participants experience. These vehicles also provide the paddler with the enhanced manoeuvrability they require for avoiding hazardous river obstacles.

The characteristics of the creeks themselves differ enormously. Some routes are smooth and consist of slides and waterfalls, while other courses contain rocks that form rapids and also include siphons, sudden drops, holes and undercuts.

It goes without saying that creeking is generally more extreme that other types of kayaking!

Conclusion of the Top 10 Extreme Sports List

Although there are many other sports that would fit this list. These are the ones that make your blood race through your veins the most as working with gravity doesn’t leave a lot of room for error. If you want to experience an adventure yourself of any extreme sport. Share your dream with us and choose one of the 100 extreme / adventure sports listed at Viral Dreaming to do at any destination.

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